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Tea & Talk:

We aim to build a global community of counsellors that want to inspire, network and raise the bar to gain true fulfilment and success in their career.



This an online platform for counsellor and therapist that work with children and young people that want support, share expertise and knowledge to enhance their practice.


Tea of Therapy Counsellor Community is the place for you to receive support with quality monthly workshops, resources that can be used in your sessions and a space to seek clarity or guidance on how to give the children and students the best therapeutic support.


Tea of Therapy Counsellor Community understands that in this role you can feel the following:

  • Isolated due to either being part time or an external contractor.

  • Struggle with prompt support with cases, otherwise waiting for supervision sessions.

  • Wanting to do more to support the children and young people by establishing yourself more within your chosen career.


Tea of Therapy Counsellor Community is for you!


Tea of Therapy Counsellor Community has created a solution…


What you will get?


  • 🪜Support you with your career to become more noticeable to clients, looking for jobs and next steps options. 

  • 🧒👧Sharing tips on how to get the most out of your children and adolescents in your practice & sharing resources 

  • 🗣Network with other therapist and counsellors so you don’t feel alone or isolated but be encouraged daily! 

  • 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️Self care! We need it too, so what do you do! 

  • ✍️Peer supervision - Sharing experiences and knowledge with one another so that we all rise together! 


We want the Tea of Therapy Counsellors Community to be a safe space for you to grow and develop your practice alongside the support of others in your industry.


Join our Community in our Telegram group using the link below!


Nicole Henry is the founder of Tea of Therapy, she has dedicated the last 5 years to developing her private practice and enhancing her practise so that she can maximise the outcomes she has with children and young people. She believes that all children and young people should have a space to tell their story as she never had that space to share her own story. She wants to work with counsellors so that they can create a space that children and young people want to be in to  manage their emotions and share their story. Join her to give the very best to children and young people.


You no longer need to feel alone, no question is ever a stupid questions but we can enhance our practice to greater outcomes.

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