This movement was created to provide 10 sessions to 10 children in 10 boroughs across London, supporting Black and Asian Children/Young people within low socioeconomic areas. By providing these sessions, we aim to create awareness around mental health and promote therapeutic practice - awareness that provides those who suffer, a platform to share their stories and allow their voices to be heard. 

The Black and Asian community fall into the cultural stigma of mental health being a ‘taboo’. For too long, mental health awareness has been denied as a result of the negative stigma it carries. As communities, Black and Asians have been/ and are exposed to many challenges within their communities as a result of racism and criminal injustice - “Black and Caribbean children are 3.5 times more likely to get excluded from school, and Black children are 4 times more likely to be arrested than white children”. These experiences can have lasting effects, and it is our Children and Young people who are suffering in silence, without the support they require. We at Tea of Therapy aim to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health, and as such, help to create a society that is more open and aware of the implications of mental health. 

Additionally, Children and Young people’s Mental health is overlooked and underserved. Emotional expression is something that forms as early as 4 months old, with feelings continuing to grow as Children and Young people are opened up to more experiences in life. We at Tea of Therapy recognise the importance of mental health at every stage in life. We want everyone to understand that the emotional wellbeing of all Children and Young people is and should be a priority, ensuring that as they grow older, they have the mental tools to handle whatever life may throw at them.

Therefore, Tea of Therapy has created this movement to ensure that therapy is made accessible and inclusive to all. This will contribute to reducing the statistics surrounding Children and Young people’s mental health within the Black and Asian communities. In return, we hope to create a new culture of speaking and expressing one's feelings or emotions with our nearest and dearest. Having access to therapy will help develop a new level of confidence in our children and young people to express themselves. 

The #10FOR10MOVEMENT is set out to raise  £10,000  to promote and offer Black and Asian Children and Young people in low socioeconomic areas counselling sessions. All proceeds will be going to the counselling services, as well as resources to educate and support each child. If extra proceeds are received, all funding will only further the support we can provide communities.

Stand up with us and support our #10FOR10MOVEMENT. Tea of Therapy wants to help as many Children and Young people as we can, to better the lives of those around us, and to raise awareness for mental health and eradicate the negative stigmas that surround it. 

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