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Student Counsellor

Do you need a Student Counsellor to support your secondary school students?

Here at Tea of Therapy we support children and young people from the ages of 5- 18years old with one to one counselling support based school.

A student counsellor works with the students on a one to one basis. Once a referral has been received the counsellor will set goals with the student to help the obtain their desired goals.

At this key time in their lives students attitude, behaviour and ways towards life begin to vary with that support in place with a counsellor this can help them build upon the current coping mechanisms that they have.

When students are aware there is a student counsellor on site you may find some will self refer as they feel more comfortable speaking with someone thats not directly attached to the school and won’t place judgement on them.

Here at Tea of Therapy we have a working process called SAC - Safe environment. Awareness and undertstanding of mental health. Finally, Connections, building that therapeutic relationship of trust and connecting with emotions.

When working with us at Tea of Therapy we do all the hard work for you, we provide you with a qualified counselling professional. Within that we will make ue they have the adequate qualifications and skill set to work in this capacity, followed by all ID and DBS. We will send you the following templates: Referral forms, concept forms, half term feedback, closing case notes and Evaluation form.

Get your Student Counsellor today and receive 25 FREE Tea of Therapy Affirmation cards.

Tea of Therapy is currently in operation in London & Suffolk. We have counsellors all over the UK that what to support students with their mental health and wellbeing. Feel free to contact us on 07845184100 or email us

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