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School Counselling

10% of Children & Young People aged 5-16 years have a clinical diagnosable mental health problem. However 70% of Children & Young People that experience this do not have appropriate early intervention. 

We partner with schools & academies to provide school counselling services that allows all children to experience tailored therapy to thrive in education & become a successful contributing member of society.

More and More schools are becoming Mentally Healthy by having an onsite counsellor within their schools, they understand that early intervention is key to progress and the development of their children and students.
Our mission is for all schools to have an onsite counsellor by 2025.

Child therapy
Child Therapy

Partner with us for your school to become Mentally Healthy with our package:

Qualified professional Counsellor

All our counsellors have gone through all identity, safeguarding and qualifications checks.

School Integration 

We provide website content, flyers for parents/ students and poster for the school.

30 - 45 minutes sessions 

A combination of 1:1 and drop in sessions for children and students.

Collection of  My TEA

Our very own My TEA collection - PSHE resource for children and students to promote in class discussions.


A range of templates to get your school set up with their case load - consent form, evaluations, closing case notes, half term feedback

Monthly workshops

We have 9 workshops that we would host on a termly basis to selected children & students.

School Senior Leadership Team have reported perceived improvements in attainment, attendance and behaviour of young people who have accessed school-based counselling services (Pybis et al., 2012). Emotional, behavioural, social and school wellbeing also predict higher levels of academic achievement and engagement in school (Gutman & Vorhaus, 2012)

Kid's Art Supplies

There is evidence to suggest that targeted school-based interventions have led to improvements in wellbeing and mental health, yielding reduced levels of school exclusion by 31% and improved pupil attainment (Banerjee et al., 2014)

How it works?


Book a discovery call with us to understand your schools needs.


We will send out a personalised proposal. Followed by Contractual Agreement


We will allocate the idea counsellor for your school.


The counsellor arrives at your school ready to work with the children/ students.



‘At New City Primary School we recognise the importance of working with our children and their families to ensure they are happy and safe and ready for their learning. As part of our provision TOT has worked in the school 2 days a week since September 2018 supporting and counselling children with a range of needs. TOT has demonstrated a passion for our children's welfare and has worked tirelessly with staff and their families to ensure that the child's voice is heard and strategies are put in place to cope with the stresses that a child faces. The impact of Nicole's work has been identified in a range of cases; for example one child didn't like eating in front of his peers, this fear has now been overcome. Another child had anxieties about coming to school, again this has been overcome.  Nicole has a warm, friendly and professional attitude in the school, which ensures that children feel comfortable working with her and parents and staff feel supported.’ 

Ms Caroline Stone - Headteacher

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