School Counselling

We believe that all schools (Primary and Secondary) within the UK and across the globe should have a school counsellor. Children need to know that they can have access to a school counsellor, especially as they spend a lot of time within this environment.

School counsellor - Counselling children

One Day Counselling

1 Qualified, DBS and BACP checked school counsellor

5 Children seen per week

45 minutes per session for each child

12 sessions allocated to each child (1Term)

Template forms  (Consent, referral & evaluation)

Closing case notes for each child

Formal update with the school team every half term

Mandatory supervision *Additional £70 per month

Black and asian child counselling

Black & Asian Community counselling

1 Qualified, DBS and BACP checked school counsellor

Offering counselling to Black and Asian children and young people within schools. This package is available to help schools find someone the children and students feel safe with and someone that they can relate to to have a conversations about their daily challenges.

This package is tailored to the schools needs.

Mandatory supervision *Additional £70 per month


  • A contractual agreement will be made with TOT and school.

  • All counsellors are recruited through a Safer Recruitment process.

  • The counsellor will arrive at your school with confirmed letter from TOT with ID documents.

  • The counsellor will adhere to your school policies when working on site.

  • If you wish to increase the number of days the counsellor attends please contact the TOT team.

  • If you only have 3 confirmed children to be seen consistently the counsellor can do short drop in sessions or group sessions for children. The counsellor can then decide if a child needs more sessions.

  • The counsellor will communicate with the school staff on any safeguarding concerns or updates to best suit the child within both home & school environments.

  • Speaking to parents also available.

School counselling toys


‘At New City Primary School we recognise the importance of working with our children and their families to ensure they are happy and safe and ready for their learning. As part of our provision TOT has worked in the school 2 days a week since September 2018 supporting and counselling children with a range of needs. TOT has demonstrated a passion for our children's welfare and has worked tirelessly with staff and their families to ensure that the child's voice is heard and strategies are put in place to cope with the stresses that a child faces. The impact of Nicole's work has been identified in a range of cases; for example one child didn't like eating in front of his peers, this fear has now been overcome. Another child had anxieties about coming to school, again this has been overcome.  Nicole has a warm, friendly and professional attitude in the school, which ensures that children feel comfortable working with her and parents and staff feel supported.’ 

Ms Caroline Stone - Headteacher

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