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Taste The Tea Day!

7 in 10 students were absent from school due to poor mental health. -  Mind

This statistic might shock you or might not? What we do know, this needs to change.


We here at Tea of Therapy are partnering with more and more schools that want to see a change within their community to see their children and students thrive!

Book your Taster Day now to support your school!


This exclusive offer allows your school to get a sense of what its like to partner with us!


We are offering a half day workshop of your choice followed by drop-in 1:1 sessions with our counsellor. See below our workshop list:



- Bullying
- Transition

-Self Harm


-Body Image

-Self Esteem


-Healthy Relationships

Book Now to get your Bespoke Taster Day! We only have 10 spaces available!


Offer Ends 1st July 2022!


*All taster days must take place before 20th July 2022.


Building a better community!

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