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Tea of Therapy was established to make therapy more accessible to children, parents & carers and schools. We believe that if mental health is normalised just like our physical health the statistics would not be so high. The world would be more open to seeking therapy as and when they need. The current statistics state  70% of children and young people that experience mental health problems do not have early interventions. We are encouraged and driven to see these statistics decrease.

We work with children from the age of 5- 18 years old. Every child deals with and reacts to situations differently therefore we have created a process that fits all children. This process is called SAC.

Safe environment 

Awareness of mental health 

Connecting with emotions 

1. This allows the child to feel comfortable with their counsellor/therapist which helps to develop trust.

2. Creating tailored sessions to help understand mental health and how it links to them, if required.

3. Supporting the child with how they feel followed by managing these emotions.

I have a voice!

Our Mission

Tea of Therapy aims to:

  • Promote therapy to all children, parents and carers in a positive light, removing the negative stigmas.

  •  Support children within low social economical areas to have access to professionals within mental health care. 

  • Provide a forum for parents, carers to get mental health support.

  • Provide a forum for therapist/ counsellors to develop their practice.

Happy Children
Our Mission
Girls Talking

Our Vision

To create a community that supports and allows children & young people to tell their story.


Good Morning, Afternoon and Good Evening,

I am Nicole Henry, a mother and child counsellor that has a passion to see our children and young people overcome challenges. After stepping into this industry of children's mental health I have not looked back. The joy of the children overcoming obstacles is priceless. As having worked with many other counsellors that reciprocate the same passion and emotion it has encouraged me to create this platform for us all to contribute to making a child's life more impactful.

As a child I needed the support of a counsellor to help me through the loss of my grandparents and the burglary of my home. I definitely had a story to tell but I had no voice. We need more than a curriculum to shape the lives of our children and young people. We encourage children and young people to read stories but they have their own stories. We have a voice!


Thank you for joining us on the Tea of Therapy journey. I hope you will all benefit from the services that we provide. I thank you in advance for all your donations to support our children's mental health.




Here to make an IMPACT!

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