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Child Therapy

We partner with schools & academies to provide therapeutic services in order for children and students to thrive in education & become successful contributing members of society.







More and more schools are becoming mentally healthy by having an onsite counsellor within their schools, they understand that early intervention is key to progress and the development of their children and students.

Our mission is for all schools to have an onsite counsellor by 2025.

At Tea of Therapy, we understand that:

-Wellbeing and mental health is a key priority 

-Teachers are busy managing their workload

-Attendance is linked to academic success

-School is Children’s and student's safe place

-NHS waiting list takes 6- 9 weeks for a referral to be seen

Partner with us for your school to become mentally healthy. Our packages can consist of the following: 

👩‍💼👨‍💼Qualified Counsellor - All go through a safer recruitment process - ID, Safeguarding and Qualification checks

📁Templates - Consent form, Evaluations, Half term Feedback and Closing note

📜School Integration - Website content, Flyer for parents and poster for schools

📝3 Workshops (see Taste the Tea)

🖇️Staff Supervision - Group supervision for 6 members of staff or individual sessions

🧑‍🏫👨‍🏫Staff Counselling - Group sessions or individual sessions

📰Monthly Newsletter


Tea of Therapy are here to support your children and students to have positive attitude towards their well-being and mental health.


Integrate Tea of Therapy with your school!


How it works

  1. Book with us for a consultation

  2. Receive a personalised proposal & SLA agreement within 48 hours.

  3. Onboarding your school & allocate a counsellor

  4. Your school starts to receive mental health support.




‘At New City Primary School we recognise the importance of working with our children and their families to ensure they are happy and safe and ready for their learning. As part of our provision TOT has worked in the school 2 days a week since September 2018 supporting and counselling children with a range of needs. TOT has demonstrated a passion for our children's welfare and has worked tirelessly with staff and their families to ensure that the child's voice is heard and strategies are put in place to cope with the stresses that a child faces. The impact of Nicole's work has been identified in a range of cases; for example one child didn't like eating in front of his peers, this fear has now been overcome. Another child had anxieties about coming to school, again this has been overcome.  Nicole has a warm, friendly and professional attitude in the school, which ensures that children feel comfortable working with her and parents and staff feel supported.’ 

Ms Caroline Stone - Headteacher

Tea & Talk - Educators

We want to hear from you!


Tea & Talk Educators is a space for all educators to share and connect with schools to discuss all things children's mental health.

Coming Soon!


My Tea

My TEA is a PSHE Mental Health activity pack that is designed for children and students to help with their mental health.

There are over 100 activities to complete in the booklets. Some of the topics include Stress, Eating Disorders, Bullying, Anger and many more.


- Can be used in classroom settings.

- Activities can be completed in a group or individually

- It creates a safe space in the class for discussions and conversations around different topics

- It helps the children and students to feel supported by the school

- Support the Ofsted criteria of being a mentally healthy school

- Learning mentors can use it to support those on the waiting list for a school counsellor

- Activities will challenge the mindset of children and students.


Register your school now!

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