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Terms & Conditions

Eden's Promise is trading as Tea of Therapy.


All discussions in counselling and psychotherapy are confidential, although there are some legal exceptions that will be explained at your first meeting.

We follow the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s published code of professional ethics.

All client records are protected by the Data Protection Act and no client information is shared with any third party. Exceptions to this policy may occur only where necessary to protect the safety of clients or others.

We will not contact clients on any telephone number or at any address if explicitly asked not to.

Our policies, including our privacy and confidentiality policies, are consistent 

Client and counsellor basic personal information is stored on the website. Only safeguarding concerns will be logged on counsellors personal portal. This is used to keep note of any concerns that the school or family need to aware of. 

No information is gathered through the use of this website that can identify visitors to the site. 

Anonymous visitor statistics are collected to measure the level of site traffic and the usefulness of the counselling and psychotherapy information contained here.

Parents and guardians will be notified on any safeguarding concerns or disclosures. The client will know that this has been shared as they are either in danger to self or to others.

All counsellor are required to attend monthly clinical supervision sessions, this is to ensure they are working alongside the Ethical BACP guidelines.

All sessions with the supervisor are confidential and no names will be disclosed in the session.

Counsellors are not permitted to speak with clients about contractual agreements. Any queries the client has must be passed on to the Eden’s Promise CIC office. 

All counsellors will be paid on a monthly basis.

Whilst working with Eden’s Promise all counsellors will be covered under the company’s insurance.

The Counsellor  is responsible for ensuring that it holds any necessary licences, including DBS certificate, BACP registered and qualified counselling status. 

If the counsellor is unwell or absent from work they will not be paid, the counsellor will only get paid after completing a full days work. No sick pay is included.

All counsellors will have the term time holidays, these holidays will not be paid. Please note some school dates vary so please check the schools website for the correct dates. If they have any inset days that fall on your day of work you will not be paid for this.

All counsellors must work until the end of the contracted date. You are not permitted to end the contract early. If you are required to leave before the contracted end date please speak to the Eden’s Promise CIC Head office.

The invoices are subject to VAT and all accounts are payable 14 days from the date of the invoice. Any late payments will incur a £50 per invoice.

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