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  • What is Tea of Therapy?

 Tea of Therapy is a platform that promotes therapy to children, young people, schools and parents and carers. Our aim is to promote therapy in a positive light in hope to remove negative stigmas around mental health. We hope to see a community that gives children and young people the platform to tell their story.


  • What is School Counseling? 

School counselling is a service we provide to schools to give children and your people the space to share their story but also to grow, develop and manage their emotions.

• What do you get when you sign up?

When signing up you get a qualified counsellor, the counsellor will see up to 5 children per day. This will consist of 45 minute sessions. If you can only allocate 4 children for the additional time you can open up that space for check ins/ drop in sessions with children/students. You will also receive templates to help you get set up. Along with our very own Free Affirmation cards that can be given to some children/ students that need some encouragement.

• What’s the benefits?

The children and students' mental health needs are met by a mental health professional. It helps the school reach the ofsted standards of wellbeing. IT will also help the school staff to be more mental health aware and take the pressure off teachers with the amount of support they give to the children/ students. The teachers can connect with the counsellor to work together to give the children/ students the best support.

• Template’s explained ?

Consent form - This will be sent to parents to gain consent to counsel their children

Referral form - This is a form the counsellor / school can use to gather information about why the child/student needs to see a counsellor. This will consist of background information about the family upbringing, them academically, the cause for concern followed by goals for the future.

Evaluation form - The counsellor is assessed by the child/ student they will state how the sessions were and if they would recommend to others.

Closing case note - As you don’t receive weekly notes from the counsellor this will be a general consensus of what took place and the counsellor's findings and conclusions. 

Half term feedback - We encourage counsellors to send half term/ end of term feedback for your schools safeguarding meetings.

Affirmation postcards - Sending a positive, kind encouraging message to children and students. Counsellors will use them to give to every child they work with.

• What is the affirmation card?

An affirmation card is a postcard that is used to send a positive little note of kindness to a child or student. We encourage the schools to use them as well as counsellors.

• What happens if you don’t have 4 / 5 children?

If you don’t have the full list of allocated children you can use the remaining time for drop-in sessions for other children and students that may want to touch base with a counsellor. Sometimes the counsellor may suggest this child/student does require additional support otherwise they are fine after their short session.

• Are there payment plan options?

We currently offer payment plans for schools. They can either pay their invoice on a monthly basis, termly or yearly agreement. We do offer discounts for the termly and yearly payments. The payment options will be in your contractual agreement.

• What is the referral program?

We have created a referral program for all our current partners. For every school you share our services with once they sign up and contracts have been signed you will receive a saving off £100 off your current bill or a physical copy of our My Tea Collection

• How long are sessions?

All sessions with the children are 45minutes. If you do drop in sessions you can do 15-20 minutes sessions.

• What does the child/ student get

The child/ student will get to see the counsellor consistently for a minimum of 12 sessions. During the 12 sessions the counsellor and the child/ student will explore different emotions with the aim to boost confidence and build resilience.

• What is your safeguarding policy

Please use this link to see our safeguarding policy which is updated yearly. We do encourage our counsellors to read their schools safeguarding policy so they can adhere to that on site. All counsellors have to read and sign that they have read Keeping children safe documents.

• How are your counsellors vetted

The joy of working with us is that we do all the legwork to make sure you have the very best counsellors. All counsellor will have to complete an application form which is followed up with an interview invitation. If they are successful at an interview they will have a list of conditions that they must provide in order to work in schools. THis includes, references, ID, proof of address, DBS, qualification certificates, counselling association membership details.


  • What is MyTea?

My TEA is a magazine that was created to make therapy accessible in a new dimension. TEA is broken down into an acronym of ‘Therapy Equates to Awareness’, what does that mean, it means that through therapy you will be more aware of yourself and mental abilities. Through this you will be able to learn more about yourself and have time to reflect on your learning and things that you wish to change.

• What age group is this suitable for?

My TEA is suitable for children and young people from the ages of 5+years old.

• What is included in the magazine 

 The magazine consists of information about the topic, space for reflections, word searches, mindful colourings/ drawings, cooking tasks and many more.

• What are the benefits

  1. They will learn and have an understanding of different topics of mental health.

      2.  Makes therapy more accessible in a non traditional way.

      3. Encourages children or students to consider taking the next step to seek professional help if they require it.

• How to order

To make an order simply click this link. All digital copies are only available for schools/ institutions.

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