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MY TEA is a beautifully curated PSHE Mental Health activity pack that is designed for children and young people to help with their mental health. MY TEA stands for 'My Therapy Equates to Awareness'.


We have created these booklets for primary and secondary school children and students. We want all our readers to gain knowledge on a range of topics that children and young people may have to experience during their life that may have an impact on their mental health.

15 Booklets:


- Relationships

- Refelction

- Holiday Blues

- New Beginnings 

- Eating

- Transition

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Abuse

- Anger

- Bullying

- Covid-19 Special

- Get Fit

- Self Love

- Depression

121 activities


- Can be used in classroom settings.

- Activities can be completed in a group or individually

- It creates a safe space in the class for discussions and conversations around different topics

- It helps the children and students to feel supported by the school

- Support the Ofsted criteria of being a mentally healthy school

- Learning mentors can use it to support those on the waiting list for a school counsellor

- Activites will challenge the mindset of children and students.

In this collection we touch on two of the most discussed mental health conditions for children and young people, Anxiety and Depression. 64% of children and young people don't get the support to overcome their conditions. This booklet would show them you understand and give them the initial support they need.

We would love to hear your feedback. We will reward you with 10% off! 

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