My Therapy Equates to Awareness

​My TEA (Therapy Equates to Awareness) was created so that therapy was accessible in a new dimension. My aim is to create awareness of mental health in order for our children to have great success stories in their adult life. 


The magazine encourages the children and young people to connect and engage with their thoughts and feelings through a range of activities such as colouring, cooking, rap and many more. We release My Tea on a monthly basis.

My TEA mission is to:

  • Gain access to those that work within the profession

  • Equip your children and young people with resources on how to manage mental health

  • Understanding the norms of mental health

My Tea covers.png


I have been reading My Tea ever since it’s been launched and I can honestly say that I always look forward to the next one. The book is full of knowledgeable information but also fun activities like baking. 


During lockdown, my daily life has become very repetitive, which can become extremely draining and boring, but the My Tea has helped me with ways in which I can support my mental health on my down days. I also love that the My Tea is not too overwhelming and flooded with too much, it’s just the right amount.

- Shola Awolope - Age 14

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