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Life is challenging. Especially, these past two years, the pandemic has turned our lives upside down. People from every background and every age group face hardship on a daily basis. And that of course includes children and young people as well. However, there is a chance that the mental well-being of children and young people might be overlooked by adults around them. For children are supposed to be happy and playful all the time, their problems and struggles might not receive proper attention and care.

It’s very important to be there for children in need, listen to them, offer support, and stay involved in their daily life to encourage their hobbies and help them through their endeavours.

Mental health is as important as a child’s physical health, for if their minds are healthy, their bodies will naturally stay healthy. Academic stress, puberty, relationships, the drastic rise in usage of social media, these are some of the problems that youngsters face. Since children look up to their adults and learn by watching them, it’s essential to set a positive example so they can properly navigate through stressful situations and maintain good mental health. This is where ‘Tea of Therapy’ comes in. It is an organisation that provides therapeutic support to children and youngsters. On top of conducting workshops in schools around city of London, Tea of Therapy have taken a step further in their initiative by launching the My Tea magazine collection.

‘My Tea’ stands for –My Therapy Equates To Awareness. It is a magazine that has fifteen editions, each focuses on a specific mental health issue. Each edition contains numerous interesting, sometimes challenging, sometimes eye-opening and always fun activities that will help children, their parents and teachers increase their knowledge and awareness regarding the importance of children’s mental well-being..


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