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School Counsellor

School counsellor

The role of a school counsellor is to ensure that all students have the support they need to achieve academic success. This means that school counsellors are able to help students manage their feelings and behaviour, increase their chances of success in education and develop skills for effective learning. They also take into account other factors that affect a child's well-being, such as the home environment and peer relationships.

The benefits of a school counsellor include:

  • A qualified professional who can give you advice or point you in the right direction

  • A safe place where you can talk about any problem without being judged

  • Someone who will listen to what you're saying, not interrupting or giving advice

  • The opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in order to understand them better

The types of issues that a school counsellor can help with include:

  • Academic difficulties such as organisational skills, time management or study skills

  • Social and emotional issues such as peer relationships or self-esteem

  • Behavioural concerns such as anger management or aggression

  • Family problems such as divorce, separation, parenting or family dynamics

  • Traumatic events such as death, abuse or bullying

When working with us at Tea of Therapy we do all the hard work for you, we provide you with a qualified counselling professional. Within that we will make sure they have the adequate qualifications and skill set to work in this capacity, followed by all ID and DBS. We will send you the following templates: Referral forms, concept forms, half term feedback, closing case notes and Evaluation form.

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Tea of Therapy is currently in operation in London & Suffolk. We have counsellors all over the UK that what to support students with their mental health and wellbeing. Feel free to contact us on 07845184100 or email us

Where to find a school counsellor
School Counsellor


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