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Youth Counsellor

How can a Youth Counsellor support your youth?

Youth counsellors work with young people who are experiencing issues such as depression, anger, relationship problems or substance abuse. They help them to develop coping strategies and to make positive changes in their lives. Youth counsellors may act as advocates for their clients, liaising with other professionals, such as social workers and teachers.

Youth Counsellors, work with young people who have mental health issues including depression and substance abuse.

Youth Counsellors work with individuals and groups to provide crisis intervention and assist with referrals to other appropriate services, such as drug treatment facilities.

Youth Counsellors consult with other professionals such as teachers and safeguarding teams, they may support with life skills, or may help young people develop their self-esteem through counselling or personal development programs.

Youth Counsellor help young people to set goals for their lives and to develop the confidence that they can achieve those goals.

Here at Tea of Therapy we have a working process called SAC - Safe environment. Awareness and undertstanding of mental health. Finally, Connections, building that therapeutic relationship of trust and connecting with emotions.

When working with us at Tea of Therapy we do all the hard work for you, we provide you with a qualified counselling professional. Within that we will make ue they have the adequate qualifications and skill set to work in this capacity, followed by all ID and DBS. We will send you the following templates: Referral forms, concept forms, half term feedback, closing case notes and Evaluation form.

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Tea of Therapy is currently in operation in London & Suffolk. We have counsellors all over the UK that what to support students with their mental health and wellbeing. Feel free to contact us on 07845184100 or email us


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