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Do I have an Eating Disorder? - My Tea

My Tea is a therapeutic magazine aimed to give children and young people therapy in a new dimension. We understand that the waiting list to be seen by a counsellor can be long so we have created this magazine to give your children a space to learn, understand their emotions until they have counselling with a professional.

Do I have an eating disorder?

Food is fuel. Food is life. We humans depend on food to function. But sometimes, when we tamper with our usual food consumption, our balanced food cycle breaks. Eating disorders is a mental health condition that uses food to cope with challenging or difficult situations. Being extremely conscious about your body and weight, obsessively counting calories, or not counting them at all and consuming too many calories are some of the factors of eating disorders.

A child can be diagnosed with an eating disorder at any age. What a child needs from a parent at this time is endless support, parents can try to make mealtimes less stressful, or have a heart to heart talk with the child.

In this edition of My Tea, we will be taking a look at eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. We will try to understand their symptoms and long-term effects.

We will also discuss ways in which you can help someone who is struggling with these eating disorders.

And lastly, after learning about the principles of eating, we are here to remind you that supporting someone with an eating disorder can be exhausting, so, remember to look after yourself as well.

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Understanding Eating Disorders for children and young people
My Tea - Eating Disorders


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