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Ways to manage Stress! - My Tea

Worrying about schoolwork, problems between friend groups, exam tension, uncertainty about the school year due to the pandemic, tension between parents and family members, these are some of the most common causes of stress amongst young people. Stress is what you feel when you are worries or uncomfortable about something.

Some symptoms of stress in a child include: Anxiety, worry, anger, unwillingness to let you out of sight, aggressive and stubborn behaviour, not being able to relax etc. Sometimes, some youngsters might not even realise that they are stressed.

There are various ways to manage stress. Self-care, Therapy, exercise, meditation to name a few. Parents and adults play a big role in helping reduce a child’s stress. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide the child with a safe and dependable home, spend quality time with the child, offer support and encourage the child to move their body, and closely observe the signs of stress which are shown in the child’s actions.

In this edition of My Tea we focus on different areas within children and young people’s lives that stress can affect. The edition also includes ways to manage stress and steps on how parents and caregivers can adopt their own healthy habits and help children and teens find stress managing strategies. In her special letter, our founder Nicole Henry encourages mum’s around the world to take it easy, for stress will always be present, we just have to take measured steps to manage it.

My Tea is a therapeutic magazine aimed to give children and young people therapy in a new dimension. We understand that the waiting list to be seen by a counsellor can be long so we have created this magazine to give your children a space to learn, understand their emotions until they have counselling with a professional.

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My Tea- Helping children and young people manage stress
My Tea - Stress Issue


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