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What is Anxiety? - My Tea

What is anxiety? It is the feeling of worry or fear that is experienced as a combination of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings.

In order to support a young one dealing with anxiety, the adults around them have to support them through it. The adults can provide some emotional support, they can help the child learn some grounding techniques, or breathing techniques.

There isn’t just one thing that makes us all anxious. The truth is, anything can make anyone feel anxious. It all differs from person to person. Moving cities or countries, starting a new school year, exam periods, disagreements between friends, problems at home, these are only a few things that might make a child anxious.

For most parents, the number one question is, “how am I supposed to know that my child is suffering from anxiety?” and it’s a perfectly valid concern. The best way to understand your child and their behavior is to silently observe them.

Anxiety affects our body, thoughts or feelings. Physical symptoms can be noted immediately, such as panic attacks, shallow breathing, sweating, shaking, feeling hot etc.

As for thoughts and feelings, overthinking, negative thinking, feeling an impending sense of doom, and constant worrying are a few symptoms of anxiety.

When a child is feeling anxious, it is essential that the adults around them validate their feelings and not dismiss them. An anxious person wishes to be seen and heard and understood. However, if the anxiety is hampering with the young ones daily activities, there is a chance that professional help is needed.